Z Technique

The “Z Technique” is the name of a meditation practice that Emily Fletcher teaches in her book Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance.  You might be thinking, “I  don’t have time to meditate.”  Emily explains that we don’t have time not to meditate.  Meditation has a high ROI (return on investment).  It releases stress from your past, and in doing so, frees your body from the responsibility of using its energy to manage this stress that is buried in your tissues.  As a result, we experience a rest that is five times deeper than sleep.  Emily also cited in her book that the brains of people who regularly meditated showed evidence of being 20 years younger than the brains of people who lacked a regular meditation practice.

Other benefits of the “Z Technique” include the following:

  • increases the gray and white matter in your brain
  • increases the size of the corpus callosum, the structure that connects the right and left sides of the brain
  • improves empathy by enhancing the insula’s communication with the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex, the part of your brain that processes information about unfamiliar people
  • constructs new neuropathways
  • increases your intuition
  • heightens awareness, allowing you to process your environment before you are conscious of doing so
  • improves focus and calm (because of better communication in the brain)
  • improves efficiency (due to enhanced creative problem solving)
  • elevates persistence with longer tasks
  • boosts optimism and productivity
  • decreases stress/stress-related hormones in the blood
  • decreases anxiety
  • lowers inflammation
  • supports healing
  • increases feelings of wellbeing
  • aids easier breathing
  • helps manage weight and health

The book includes even more benefits than I listed above, and Emily shares success stories, her personal experience, and scientific explanations for all of the benefits.  If you’d like to take meditation one step further, Emily offers an online course on her zivaONLINE site.  Use the promo code “Bulletproof” for a discount.  I just purchased the course, and I will be sharing any helpful information I learn with you on my journey.  I’m so excited to start!

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