Tinogona means, “It is achievable.”

Write down your goals with intention, and you can visualize your future.

Share your dreams with others.


Dr. Tererai Trent rose above an abusive marriage, working 3 jobs to feed the children she birthed before age 18 — among many other challenges — and she earned her PhD after an arduous journey of rejections.  Some of her wisdom is reflected in these quotes she shared in her talk with Marie Forleo:

“It is about how our education and how our personal goals are connected to the greater good.”

“I knew at the end of the tunnel, despite its darkness, there was light.  And I knew I had the solutions in me.”

“If it wasn’t for the shoulders of others, I wouldn’t be sitting here.”

“But the great hunger, the greatest of all hungers, which is the hunger we all have, is hunger for a meaningful life.”

“Once we realize that we have the power to find that solution within us, we begin to hear the stirring of our heart, pointing us to something greater than who we are. And we find the answer to that great hunger.”


For more info from Dr. Tererai Trent, you can text MarieTV to 444-999.


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