Artificial light from screens keep you wide awake.  Natural light and infrared light (which the Joovv provides) help you fall asleep.  Not only does the Joovv boost your melatonin production, but it also helps reset your circadian rhythm, improving your sleep.

I have a Joovv mini.  You can purchase an even smaller Joovv — the Joovv Go — which is the size of an iphone.  It’s rechargeable and wireless, and it has the same therapeutic power as the full-body Joovv.

The Joovv is FDA cleared and independently 3rd party tested for therapeutic light output.



Bulletproof Radio: Sleep Need and Sleep Age, Find Out Yours — Dan Gartenberg #583

Sleep Better with Red Light Therapy

Luke Storey Discusses the Benefits of Joovv Light Therapy

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