#1 Thing College Students Wish Their Parents/Teachers Would Have Taught Them

Mental Strength Hacks for Everyone — Amy Morin #579

In a survey of college students, the students said that they wished their parents/teachers would have taught them how to be emotionally prepared to be lonely, sad, or upset.  They said that they didn’t know how to deal with these emotions on their own.


  1. Your flower looks beautiful in color and shape. In my opinion, mental strength comes from the brainpage development of knowledge transfer. Generally, cognitive knowledge is defined for the acquisition of mental power but it is derived actually from the practice of motor knowledge. Thanks for the writing

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  2. Ohh thats really sad !! These are those strong feelings that they have to struggle with at any point of life. I think schools should start teaching “meditation”. They will learn how to control mind and emotions… also they can strengthen their inner strength…meditation is the solution of not only children’s but also adult’s emotional challenges….therefore in India we encourage “Yoga and meditation” since childhood 😊

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      1. 👍
        Just remembered a quote of Dalai Lama in this regard….
        “If every eight-year-old in the world is taught meditation, the world will be without violence within one generation.” 

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